Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in Lake County

As the community foundation for Lake County, Indiana, we are committed to seeing all residents lifted to their fullest potential. Our experience has shown us that when we work together, there is positive and meaningful and long-lasting change. At Legacy Foundation, we are committed to taking immediate and long-term action to uplift the voices, the needs, and the rights of every minority group. We call on you to join us in the work of advancing equity and justice.

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Urban League of Northwest Indiana Partnership

Legacy Foundation is offering scholarships to small nonprofits in Lake County, Indiana, for a 2-hour Diversity and Inclusion Professional Development staff and board training with the Urban League of Northwest Indiana.  Organizations receiving scholarships can have up to 20 members of their staff and board participate in a private training session tailored to the organization’s needs.

About the Training

Diversity and inclusion go hand in hand. There are broadly two types of diversity training: awareness training and skills training. The first is about raising people’s awareness and helping them to see the world through the eyes of someone of a different age, race, gender, etc. The second involves specific exercises to help people build skills, such as communicating better with people from diverse backgrounds and reducing the levels of unconscious bias in their decision-making.

The Urban League Diversity and Inclusion Professional Development training framework provides staff with the tools and supports to identify and address systemic barriers in order to build a diverse and inclusive workforce broadly representative of the citizens and communities we serve. Through comfortable “keeping it real” sessions, it provides the means to integrate diversity and inclusion values and practices into existing organizational processes.

Training will include some of the following areas:

  • Implicit Bias
  • Stereotyping
  • Cultural Competence
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service

Start Your Application

This is just an introduction to diversity and inclusion, and should in now way reflect the end of your organization’s journey. Additional/ongoing training sessions can be arranged by directly contacting Dr. Vanessa Allen McCloud at the Urban League of Northwest Indiana at 219-887-9621 or via e-mail at

*Sessions may be in-person or virtual due to COVID-19.

Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship Eligibility
  • Grants will be made only to organizations whose programs benefit the residents of Lake County, Indiana.
  • Applications will be approved by the Urban League of Northwest Indiana and Legacy Foundation, and will be assessed based on organization readiness, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and availability of funds.
  • Grants from Legacy Foundation must meet legal and tax requirements and may be made only to qualified, tax-exempt organizations.  Schools, religious organizations, some civic organizations and branches of government may also apply.
  • Annual revenue under $2 million

Internal Equity Assessments for Nonprofits

Legacy Foundation seeks to build organization leadership for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) work in Lake County by providing training and organizational capacity building. Legacy Foundation is launching this new initiative to support IDEA in non-profit organizations serving Lake County, Indiana. We seek to support change at the organizational level and believe IDEA learning and growth is important for all types of organizations.

Along with Legacy Foundation, the following organizations are participating in a 10-month long cohort to develop strategies to implement IDEA practices into their internal policies and practices and in their programs and services.

Community Conversations on Equity

We want historically marginalized groups to feel seen and heard. An important part of advancing equity in our community is to bring the discussion to the public sphere. We have launched two exciting efforts to raise the voices of people of color.

Neighborhood Voice Radio Segment

Lake County is home to many minority entrepreneurs who strengthen the local small business community. Each week Neighborhood Voice brings you one of their stories. The show airs on Lakeshore Public Radio 89.1 FM on Tuesdays at 7:23 AM, in the 11 O’CLOCK HOUR, and 4:21 PM.

Find all the recorded episodes at:




Conscious Conversations

There is power in stories. They can help us understand ourselves and the world around us. Through generations and across geographies, stories have roused our emotions, stoked our curiosity and sparked conversations. Join us each month for a series of Conscious Conversations around books, films, and podcasts. Our hope is that these stories will guide us toward a more equitable and inclusive Lake County, Indiana.

Find the story schedule at

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