Legacy Learning Lab

Legacy Learning Lab (L3) is a comprehensive plan to provide meaningful ongoing support to not-for-profit agencies serving Lake County. L3 will offer a number of capacity building opportunities throughout the year that will enable organizations to increase their ability to provide services and build their financial sustainability and professional governance.

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Resilia Capacity Building Scholarship

Legacy Foundation has partnered with Resilia to support capacity building for nonprofits in Lake County, Indiana. Through this partnership, Legacy Foundation will be awarding 10 scholarships (valued at $2,500) to Lake County, Indiana serving organizations to receive free access to Resilia.

Applications are due at 5:00 PM Central on June 30, 2023.

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Resilia offers technology and 1:1 coaching to support effectiveness, creativity, and workflow in nonprofits across the country. Resilia provides organizations on-demand tools and resources to support organizational growth and impact, including:

  • Online training and educational materials on fundraising, board management, and more.
  • 40+ downloadable and customizable templates including sample fundraiser plans, elevator pitches, bylaw templates, and 4-part strategic plan templates.
  • 1:1 nonprofit coaching on core functions like fundraising, program management, storytelling, leadership development, and board engagement.
  • Tools to capture program outputs, outcomes, and impact narratives.


Resilia Information Session

Hosted June 30, 2022

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How to Host a Virtual Event

Over the course of the year, Legacy will provide training sessions that will be open to all Lake County agency staff persons and Boards of Directors. Professional consultants will present training sessions related to their field of expertise. The topics for those presentations which we found to be of most critical interest to the agencies are listed below:

  1. Grant Writing
  2. Board Governance
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Endowment Building
  5. Fundraising

Networking and Resource Exchange

Executive Director Coffee
Legacy will host networking events targeted specifically for agency executive directors to engage in a community of practice conversation. Topics may include issues related governance, human resources, leadership, fundraising, or communications.

Training Sessions

The training sessions will be facilitated by experienced endowment and planned giving consultants engaged by Legacy Foundation

Session Topics

The sessions will be focused upon three major areas: external relationships (development and marketing), internal systems / organizational structure and leadership. Topics covered will include:

  • Endowment building / Planned Giving overview – it’s not fund raising
  • Infrastructure for endowment building – Equipping your organization to build endowment
  • Long range / strategic planning
  • Board / Committee leadership – recruiting and engaging the Boards and Committees
  • Donor development and solicitation – Working with existing and identifying new donors
  • Tools and Resources for your success
  • Marketing


One of the most effective ways to help nonprofit staff and board members implement what they have learned after a training session is to provide follow up and technical assistance through coaching. The consultant can be a sounding board for ideas, review plans and materials, and guide the individuals in next steps.

Each organization will receive one individual coaching session between the training sessions. These are used to work directly with each organization and their leadership volunteers as they see fit. Also included is a one (1) hour peer group sessions between training sessions for staff to share successes and challenges. This is an open discussion that usually occurs right before or after the group session.