Legacy Foundation considers attorneys, accountants, financial planners, insurance agents and other professionals who have relationships with members of our community to be our valued partners in charitable giving. We want to be a resource for you as well as a philanthropic partner for your clients, providing a full understanding of the many possibilities of supporting our community by giving through Legacy Foundation, Lake County’s community foundation.

  • Deduction Calculators: run illustrations on a variety of gift types to see the income and tax benefits for your client.
  • Charitable Tax Reference: a free and complete tax update service for CPAs, attorneys, CLUs, CFPs, ChFCs, trust officers and other professional friends.
  • Washington News: stay up-to-date on news and legislation coming out of Washington D.C.
  • Article of the Month: a monthly article about a trending news topic in the field

Asking a client about philanthropy is an important part of providing complete financial planning and professional advice. Many professional advisors find that assisting clients in this area is personally rewarding as well. Legacy Foundation will assist in helping you provide clients with clear and understandable giving options.

  • Download: Tips for Talking to Your Client about Philanthropy
  • Download: Charitable Solutions to Meet Your Clients’ Needs
  • Download: Frequently Asked Questions

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Frank and Brenda Rizzo “Legacy Foundation made the donation easy for us.”

After 16 years of owning a condo as a home and rental property, Frank and Brenda Rizzo were ready to sell. Knowing that Legacy Foundation could accept complex gifts, the couple decided to donate the property as a gift of real estate. Frank and Brenda signed a simple deed transferring ownership of the property to Legacy and received a charitable deduction and tax savings. They used the gift to establish a donor advised fund that would allow them to direct grants to the charitable agencies of their choosing over a number of years.