A Gift for Your Community

Your gift to Legacy Foundation allows you to support the charities of your choosing. Donate to an existing fund or start a named fund of your own. There are many ways to donate, and the foundation accepts a variety of gifts. Whatever you choose, you can trust that Legacy Foundation will use your dollars exactly as you intend them.

Give to the Area of Greatest Need

Lake County Community Fund

With our knowledge of the community, Legacy Foundation works with a Grants Committee to direct these gifts where they are needed most.

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Give to a Fund that supports a broad Field of Interest

College Readiness Endowment Fund

Supports college preparation programs that serve Lake County, Indiana, students.

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Environmental Fund for Lake County

Supports environmental programs that benefit Lake County, Indiana, communities.

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Lake County Literacy Fund

Supports literacy projects and programs that serve Lake County, Indiana, residents.

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Lake County Youth Fund

Supports programs and projects that benefit youth in Lake County, Indiana.

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