The Legacy Society honors those donors who have expressed their commitment to charitable giving by naming Legacy Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift. Such gifts may include a bequest and/or charitable income gifts such as gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, or gifts of life insurance or retirement plan assets.

To learn more about leaving a planned gift in your will or trust, contact Erica Fizer at or call 219-736-1880.

Edith Sonntag Charitable Fund

More than great wealth, philanthropy requires a generosity of spirit and desire to improve the quality of life for others. That was the goal of Edith Sonntag, who designated a share of her estate to be gifted to Legacy Foundation for the causes she cared about in the community she loved. Edith passed away at age 95, and The Edith Sonntag Charitable Fund will forever carry on her legacy of giving.

Current Legacy Society Members

Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Nancy Anadell
Ms. Lisa Austgen
Ms. Cheryl Austin
Mr. Glen E. Bacus
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin and Catherine Bellamy
Ms. Catherine Riley Boege
Mr. John M. Cain, III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. and Betty Campion
Mr. Elin J. Christianson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Margot Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Nancy Clifford
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. and Nancy Collins
Mrs. Ruth Cornwell
Mr. Richard W. Gardner
Mrs. Bobbi Gasser
Ms. Gloria Hubacek Duckworth
Mr. and Mrs. Keith and June Grady
Mr. and Mrs. James and Mary Ann Greiner
Ms. Dorothy Gross
Mr. Collis C. Hooks
Mrs. Jeanne Howarth
Mr. and Mrs. Allen and Nancy Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. and Sylvia Komyatte
Ms. Carol Kutak
Ms. Eleanor B. Leese
Ms. Maria M. Reiner
Ms. Mary J. Manos
Mr. and Mrs. James and Linda Martin
Ms. Irene Mateja
Ms. Barbara M. Meeker
Ms. Patricia Merrell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Joanne Nastoff
Ms. Tammy Parlowski
Ms. Lois Rhinesperger
Ms. Alice Rogers
Mr. George Rogge and Ms. Sue Rutsen
Mr. Verne P. Seehausen
Ms. Edith L. Sonntag
Mr. Terrance L. Smith
Ms. Lynnette M. Stephens
Ms. Martha L. Woodward
Ms. Pamela Meyer Yttri