Supporting the Future of Our Community

Make a decision today that will help our community thrive for generations to come.  A planned gift can help you support the causes that are meaningful to you, while reducing or eliminating taxes. You can give during your lifetime and receive income tax deductions, or give after your lifetime and reduce estate taxes. Support your favorite charity, multiple charities, or establish a scholarship fund. If you don’t know where or how to give, the staff at Legacy Foundation can provide recommendations and resources to help you find the option that best meets your values and priorities.

Ways To Give

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors those donors who have expressed their commitment to charitable giving by naming Legacy Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift. Such gifts may include a bequest and/or charitable income gifts such as gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, or gifts of life insurance or retirement plan assets. It’s easy to establish a planned gift. Our expert staff is available to work with you and your advisor. To review your giving options, please call 219.736.1880 or email to discuss making a gift.

For gift planning purposes, the Legacy Foundation’s legal name is Legacy Foundation, Inc. and our Employee Identification Number (EIN) is 35-1872803. We recommend including both the organization’s name and EIN in your gift planning documents.

Current Legacy Society Members

Bob and Nancy Anadell
Lisa Austgen
Cheryl Austin
Frank Baccino
Glen E. Bacus
Calvin and Catherine Bellamy
Catherine Riley Boege
John M. Cain, III
Robert L. and Betty Campion
Elin J. Christianson
Stanley Christianson
Glenn and Margot Clark
Richard and Nancy Clifford
Arthur R. and Nancy Collins
Ruth Cornwell
Michael Dobosz
Judith Dow
Gloria Hubacek Duckworth
Sean Egan

Jeffrey P. Gajewski
Richard E. Gardner
Bobbi Gasser
Keith and June Grady
James and Mary Ann Greiner
Barbara Gross
Dorothy Gross
Collis C. Hooks
Jeanne Howarth
Sandra M. Hynek
Allen and Nancy Johnson
Robert Johnson
Richard P. and Sylvia Komyatte
Carol Kutak
Eleanor B. Leese
Mary J. Manos
James and Linda Martin
Irene Mateja
Barbara M. Meeker
Patricia Merrell

Thomas and Joanne Nastoff
Margaret Ozimec
Victoria Ozimec
Tammy Pavlowski
Maria Reiner
Lois Rhinesperger
Alice Rogers
George Rogge
Sue Rutsen
Verne P. Seehausen
Joseph Skora
Terrance Smith
Edith L. Sonntag
Lynnette M. Stephens
Fred and Judith Van Senus
Lola Wells
Martha L. Woodward
Pamela Meyer Yttri
John and Carey Yukich

Legacy Society