About Legacy Foundation

Legacy Foundation is the community foundation for Lake County, Indiana. We connect people, knowledge, and funding to build an equitable, accessible, and inclusive Lake County, now and for generations to come.

Legacy Foundation is supported by a broad base of individuals, families, and businesses connected by the desire to improve Lake County, Indiana. With a growing portfolio of over 300 funds and approximately $80 million in assets, Legacy Foundation is a trusted source for philanthropic giving in the region.

For over 30 years, Legacy Foundation has been empowering people, providing strategic leadership, and impactful philanthropic support to create an equitable Lake County where all people thrive.

Mission Statement
Transforming Lake County by providing strategic leadership and impactful philanthropic support to ensure equitable opportunity for all communities that we serve.

Vision Statement
Create an equitable Lake County where all people thrive.

What is a Community Foundation

A community foundation is a tax-exempt nonprofit, publicly supported, non­sectarian philanthropic institution with a long term goal of building permanent, named, component funds established by many separate donors for the broad-based charitable benefit of residents of a defined geographic area. A community foundation serves a particular geographic area such as a municipality, county, metropolitan area, or state.