2019 Lilly Endowment Community Scholars

RecipientHigh SchoolCollege Choice
Ariana ArceHanover Central High SchoolNotre Dame
Alyssa ArreolaLake Central High SchoolPurdue University
Chloe FlanaganGavit High SchoolBethel University
Patrick HottleRiver Forest High SchooRose Hulman Institute
Meet PatelHighland High SchoolButler University
Tyler ZabreckyMunster High SchoolIU Bloomington

Sebastian Valdes, recipient of the Roger Begnoche Scholarship

I think it is a beautiful gift to be able to extend yourself and help someone in their time of need. This scholarship will make it possible for me to attend Marian University where I will be studying to become a nurse. After I get my degree I plan to come back to live in Northwest Indiana and be a nurse in my community. I hope to make the Legacy Foundation proud for having selected me to receive this prestigious scholarship.

Renewable Awards

Scholarship NameRecipient
John Anderson ScholarshipJoshua Clemens, Joshua
John Anderson ScholarshipKasseidi Lessentine
Schrage ScholarshipWestin Baker
Schrage ScholarshipRyan Fender
Roger Begnoche ScholarshipLuke McGinnis
Roger Begnoche ScholarshipSebastian Valdes
Roger Begnoche ScholarshipIsaac Williams
LatshawNayeli Arredondo
LatshawSarah Richardson
Rainsberger PNWIsabella Hathaway
ThriveKiara Wade
Webster Cornwell ScholarshipStephanie Dijak
Webster Cornwell ScholarshipJade Hart
Halfacre Excellence in MusicGabriella Winchell

Christina Li, recipient of the Peoples Bank Scholarship

This scholarship will play an important role in achieving my educational dreams and because of Peoples Bank’s generosity, I can worry less about my financial burdens and devote more time to my studies, research, and extracurricular activities on campus.

2019-20 Legacy Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship NameRecipient
Barbara Miller Meeker Art Alyssa Harkness
Bill and Sue Modrak ScholarshipNicole Kinder
Austin Hammond
Celeste Lang
Adrianne Miller
Rebekah Sharp
Cenifax - Maniotes ScholarshipSuzanne Brown
Ammaar Mohammed
Continuity of CareHannah Day
Good Teachers CountAshley Freeman
Hanover Central ScholarshipRebecca Oliver
Madison Fanta
Sydney Reinbold
Kamden Sarkey
Kaylee Huyser
Ellen Connor
James Spicer ScholarshipVictoria Bacon
Joseph Morrow Urban League Scholarship IUB or IUNJose Regaldo
June Pangburn ScholarshipNina Rucinski
Korellis RoofingHaley Slavis
Marguerite Ponda
Hannah Fionda
Ashley Swets
Hannah Bailey
Kocher ScholarshipJulie Castillo
Christopher Albanese
LCAOA ScholarshipDouglas Filipek
Zoe Hugunin
Kari Lafreniere
LC F & G ScholarshipApril Przyborski
Ariana Adam
Jared Bais
Michael Worosz
Mary Francis TextbookHannah Day
Ashley Freeman
Aerone Catolin
Nayeli Arredondo
Norah SaltAllison Hano
O'Shea Patrick McCarthyPaige Fanning
PPA ScholarshipDaena Schuh
Aerone Catolin
Crispin Flores
Ky Marcayda
Marie Raffin
Maya Nietzel
Nicholas Ylo
Sara Keys
Patrick Lindsey ScholarshipAriana Kanaya
Dimetrius Poston
Jennifer Gomez
J´Lee Carver
Ky Marcayda
Paige Fanning
Sabrina Lewis
Sophia Chapman
Yesenia Vilella
Peoples BankChristina Li
Beatriz Gomez
Lawrence Andres
Primich ScholarshipSamuel Momcilovic
Nicole Brown
Rainsberger ScholarshipNatalie Haitsma
Riley McCullough
Williford ScholarshipSylvia Flowers
Jordan Davis