A Range of Charitable Funds to Meet Your Philanthropic Goals

Philanthropy is personal – it reflects your personal values and passions. At Legacy Foundation, we are here to make your charitable giving convenient and strategic.

Benefits of Starting a Fund with Legacy Foundation

  • We partner with your advisors to find the most tax-effective ways to give.
  • You can start your giving today and continue your impact forever.
  • Eliminate administrative overhead. We handle the gift acknowledgment letters and tax filings.
  • Work with a professional staff who can provide knowledge of local and regional charities and help you learn more about community needs.
  • Gain access to donor events and donor collaboration opportunities.
  • Choose to give to the charity of your choice, in or outside of Lake County, Indiana.
  • Endowed gifts are pooled with others to achieve maximum investment efficiency and return.

Margot and Glenn Clark Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Margot and Glenn Clark established a fund that supports the grantmaking efforts of the Lake County Community Fund. “Change is a given in our world, and yet, the age-old challenges of hunger, poverty, injustice and inequality remain. Our Endowment fund will help fund new solutions to old problems both today and for generations to come.”

Fund Types

Agency Fund

To provide perpetual annual income for a nonprofit. Agency Funds are typically established at the request of a charitable organization for its own exempt purposes.

Designated Fund

To support a specific named organization

Donor Advised Fund

To provide flexible and streamlined giving for those who want to be actively involved

Field of Interest Fund

To support a broad interest area

Scholarship Fund

To assist students in a particular field of study, high school, university or from a geographic area

Unrestricted Fund

To meet the community’s greatest needs, no matter how they change over time.

We’re here to help. Contact us with your questions.

Carolyn Saxton

President and CEO