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The mission of Stay For Supper is to improve someone’s near end of life with the one meal experience that he or she would want to eat at least once more while still here on earth. The food, the drink, the people, and the other little things to make the dining an experience for everyone to remember.

We have all been asked to stay for supper by a family member or friend. What if we declined and it happened to be our loved one’s last meal? The purpose of Stay For Supper is to provide someone with the one meal that they want to eat at least once more while they are still here on earth. If it is too late for them to eat the meal, maybe they want their loved ones to gather and share the food while the person enjoys their company.

Have you ever had a loved one who was sick or was diagnosed with a terminal condition and you didn’t know what to do? You really wanted to talk to him or her but didn’t know what to say? What did you do? Many people in those situations do nothing… nothing. They don’t call because they don’t know what to say. They don’t visit because they don’t know how to act. They are scared or uneasy to see their loved one suffering. The person who is sick, often times, just wants contact with someone. Being ill or having a terminal diagnosis makes one feel lonely and scared. If the people who love them aren’t around, that only compounds their feeling of loss.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we will all leave this world at some point. When that happens, the people who are left behind are the ones who are most affected. Help your loved ones by making your preferences known. If they know what you want, they do not have to guess and wonder if they are making the right choices. It allows them to celebrate you and grieve without worrying, “what would he or she have wanted?"


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