Phase 1 COVID-19 Response: Rapid Support Grants for Non-profits

Legacy Foundation partnered with Crown Point Community Foundation and Foundations of East Chicago to raise over $1 million. Jointly, the foundations accepted and reviewed applications and awarded grants from the Lake County COVID-19 Response Fund. Phase 1, which ran from March 30-May 18, responded to the immediate needs of nonprofits that were working to address the impacts of COVID-19 in Lake County. Grant assistance totaled $356,000 and covered food, childcare, personal protective equipment, technology, educational materials, rent/utility assistance, and medical needs.

Organization NameProgram CategoryGrant Amount
1st Baptist ChurchPersonal Protective Equipment$2,500
1st Tabernacle MB ChurchFood Assistance$2,720
219 Health NetworkPersonal Protective Equipment$7,500
ALS Association of IndianaMedical Needs$3,000
Ancilla Systems/Nazareth HomeFood Assistance and Medical Needs$1,000
Ancilla Systems/Sojourner Truth HouseFood Assistance and Personal Protective Equipment$5,000
Beachfront DanceTechnology $7,000
Best Buddies IndianaTechnology$1,000
Bethel ChurchTechnology$15,000
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater NWIEducational Materials and Food Assistance$15,000
Catholic Charities Diocese of GaryFood Assistance and Personal Protective Equipment$4,500
Cause 4PawsAnimal Care$1,000
City Life CenterFood Assistance and Personal Protective Equipment$7,000
Community Health NetworkPersonal Protective Equipment$7,500
Crossroads YMCAChildcare$8,000
Crown Point LibraryTechnology$6,000
CR WorksHousing Assistance$8,259
East Chicago Public LibraryTechnology$2,500
Edgewater HealthPersonal Protective Equipment$7,500
Fair Haven Center for WomenTechnology$6,000
Faith TempleFood Assistance and Childcare$5,000
Family Life Community Youth CenterFood Assistance and Personal Protective Equipment$5,000
First United Methodist ChurchFood Assistance$12,500
Food Bank of NWIFood Assistance$12,500
Franciscan Health FoundationMedical Needs$12,500
GAP Food PantryFood Assistance$2,000
Gary Public LibraryTechnology$2,500
Goodwill IndustriesChildcare$5,000
Grace Beyond BordersFood Assistance$4,000
Habitat for Humanity of NWICleaning Supplies and Personal Protective Equipment$2,000
Hannah's HopeEducational Materials$1,250
Hanover TownshipFood Assistance$1,000
HealthLinc, Inc.Medical Needs $7,500
Healthy East ChicagoFood Assistance and Personal Protective Equipment$3,000
Hobart Food PantryFood Assistance$2,500
Hoosiers Feeding the HungryFood Assistance$4,000
Hope Christian Food PantryFood Assistance$1,000
Immigrant Welcome NetworkFood and Housing Assistance$2,500
International Institute of NWIFamily Assistance$5,000
IWIN FoundationFood Assistance$3,900
Jesus Christ MinistriesFood Assistance$1,000
Meals on Wheels of NWIFood Assistance$15,000
MOVE ChurchFood Assistance$1,000
New Star ServicesPersonal Protective Equipment$5,000
NWI Information Sharing and Security AllianceFood Assistance and Personal Protective Equipment$15,000
Paladin Inc.Personal Protective Equipment$7,500
PATHFood Assistance$8,000
Porter Starke ServicesFood Assistance$7,500
Respite Care and ServicesPersonal Protective Equipment$5,000
Salvation Army of Lake CountyHousing Assistance$15,000
South Shore Neighborhood Development Corp.Small Business Assistance$25,000
St. Joseph Carmelite HomeTechnology, Cleaning Supplies, and Personal Protective Equipment, Food Assistance$15,425
St. Joseph ChurchFood Assistance$1,000
St. Jude HouseCleaning Supplies and Personal Protective Equipment$3,000
St. Mary of the Lake Food Assistance$1,000
St. Vincent de Paul Food PantryFood Assistance$2,000
Tradewinds ServicesPersonal Protective Equipment$15,000
Urban League of NWITax Assistance$5,000
Wabash CenterPersonal Protective Equipment$3,000
Whiting Public LibraryEducational Materials$2,500
YWCA of GaryChildcare$12,000

COVID-19 Phase 2 Response Grants

Phase 2 of Legacy Foundation’s response to COVID-19 was a comprehensive plan that helped address the impact in the community and among non-profit organizations.  This plan was a 3-pronged approach that included:

  • Non-profit Capacity Building Grants
  • Innovative Response Grants
  • Non-profit Staff and Board Training Scholarships

Non-Profit Capacity Building Grants

Legacy Foundation, Crown Point Community Foundation, and Foundations of East Chicago partnered to offer grants of up to $5,000 to help non-profit organizations develop and/or implement an Emergency Preparedness or Strategic Restructuring plan.

Emergency Preparedness Plans covered general preparedness (to include all disasters including tornado, fire, pandemic, etc.) or be COVID-19 specific (precautions to take when returning to work, what to do in case of future outbreak, etc.). Some examples included:

  • Costs for hosting virtual events and meetings
  • Costs for upgrading to virtual platforms and software
  • Consultant and staff costs associated with developing plans
  • Purchase of technological supplies and equipment needed to implement plan

Strategic Restructuring grants were intended to support nonprofits as they assessed, negotiated, designed, and/or implemented substantive strategic restructuring efforts. Some examples included:

  • Costs associated with partnering with another organization to move into shared office space
  • Costs associated with partnering with another organization to share front office administrative expenses
  • Costs associated with merger between two organizations
  • Consultants to help organizations with merger
  • Legal fees related to restructuring

Innovative COVID-19 Response Grants

We understood that there was no one-size fits all approach to addressing the impact that COVID-19 on our communities.  Different populations and communities have varying needs, and we trust our non-profit partners who are working on the front line to best understand how to address those needs.  As a result, for our Phase 2 approach to COVID Response Grants, Legacy Foundation invited qualified organizations to submit requests for an Innovative COVID-19 Response Grant of up to $50,000.  Innovative funding was targeted toward bold “out-of-the-box” ways to address issues arising from COVID-19.  The “innovation” could be in the design, implementation, or the outcome.  Some examples included:

  • A change in normal practices or approaches to problem-solving
  • The implementation of a new system or partnership to improve services or reach a new audience
  • The addition of a program or service that adds value to clients or brings new information into the organization
  • Replicating a program or service that has worked well in other locations

Requests focused on meeting the needs of communities and populations whose health and/or financial situations were most severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and who have been historically marginalized and under-served in our country.  Priority was given to innovative programming to address the disparities in service delivery that exist in communities of color.

Nonprofit Training Scholarships

Legacy Foundation partnered with the IUPUI Lilly School of Philanthropy to offer scholarships that covered 75% of the tuition for online training for staff and board of Lake County nonprofit organizations.  These scholarships were offered on a competitive basis. Priority was given to minority applicants.

Currently, 24 nonprofit staff and board members have received training scholarships to further their professional development and create stronger organizations.

  • Lara Bates, Challenger Learning Center of NWI
  • Antoinette Brumfield, FAITH CDC
  • Anthony Burrell, The Welcome Network
  • Sade Carrasquillo, For the Love of the Arts
  • Donna Catalano, South Shore Neighborhood Development Corp.
  • Roger Cavazos, Int’l Institute of NWI
  • Sandra Dafiaghor, CRWorks
  • Anthony Englert, Wittenberg Village
  • Kristina Fry, Humane Indiana
  • Elizabeth Gonzales, Respite Care Services
  • Stephanie Harden, Transitions Resource Center
  • Lisa Hughes, St. Mary Catholic Community School
  • Rachel Hurst, Meals on Wheels of NWI
  • Richele Kaiser, Mental Health America
  • Pamela Key, Women Organizing Women
  • Denise Mavity, Old Sheriff’s House
  • Vanessa McCloud, Urban League of NWI
  • Dylan McKee, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater NWI
  • Barbara Muckel, Dream Chaser NWI
  • Michelle Robinson, Cause 4Paws
  • Emma Rose, Challenger Learning Center of NWI
  • Amy Stevens, Dream Chaser NWI
  • Catisha Toney, Coates, Inc
  • Allyson Vaulx, Food Bank of NWI

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Kelly Anoe

Vice President