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Common Application Open: December 1 – February 1

“I would like to display my utmost gratitude for all the generosity and consideration. My dream is to pursue a career in ophthalmology. My work ethic is covered by my unconditional passion; however, the expenses required for college and medical school are very daunting. Through your support and trust in my abilities, you are dramatically helping my dream come true. Thank you.”

Michelangelo San Juan
Philippine Professional Association Scholarship Recipient

Three Types of Scholarships

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship
This scholarship covers full tuition, required fees, and a book stipend of $900 per year for four years of undergraduate study.

Legacy’s Common Application Scholarships
Legacy actively administers 24 scholarship funds. Our application process is designed to make it easier and less time consuming for students to apply for the scholarships available through the common online application. Eligible students may be awarded a scholarship from one or more different funds. All applications must be completed and submitted through the online scholarship system found on the Foundation website. Please review the Scholarship Information Booklet for detailed information for all scholarships.

Lilly Endowment Community Scholars Program (LECSP) Timeline

August 1

Application Opens

September 5

Requests Due (Scholastic Profile & Recommendation Profiles) must be requested

September 10

Application deadline

October 16-18

Interviews for school nominees


Recipients Confirmed

Legacy Foundation Common Scholarship Timeline

December 1

Application Opens

February 1

Student deadline to complete and submit application

March 1

For current scholarship recipients: last day for tuition statement submission

April 1

For current scholarship recipients: Book receipts must be turned in for all 2018/19 recipients


Notification of awards

June 15

Transcripts due

External Scholarships
External scholarships are ones in which Legacy Foundation holds the funds, but the application process is administered by local schools, education foundations, or other organizations. Please see Scholarship Information Booklet for details.

Things to Remember, FAQs and Tips

Scholarship Essay Writing Tips
Scholarship FAQs
Tips for Recommendation Letter Request

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