Legacy Foundation raises over $30,000 for Lake County nonprofits

Legacy Foundation is thrilled to announce the success of the Knight Foundation Match Grant Challenge, thanks to the generous support of local donors combined with national support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Legacy Foundation partners with national foundations to increase the investment in services for our Lake County community.

Over the 2012 holiday season, Legacy Foundation fund holders raised over $30,000 to grow their endowment funds that support a range of Lake County needs. Fund holders put Legacy's Donor Engagement Platform, an online fundraising tool, to the test by campaigning for online donations that would be matched by the Knight Foundation.

"By making it easier to donate online, we hope to merge people's personal passions with Lake County needs," said Bahia Ramos Synnott, director/community foundations at Knight Foundation.

The Knight Foundation, a $2.2 billion national funder, is committed to making Gary a more informed and engaged community, investing up to $2.5 million in the area, as part of its $70 million Community Foundation Initiative. Legacy Foundation holds the Knight Foundation permanent endowment fund that will serve the Gary area perpetually.

Using the Donor Engagement Platform, residents are able to search for causes that match their giving interests, search for volunteer opportunities, and make donations to Lake County nonprofit organizations and Legacy Foundation funds.

Legacy Foundation stands with the Knight Foundation in believing that communities are better served when its citizens are informed about issues and engaged in change. Legacy uses the Donor Engagement Platform as an online tool for all community members to become agents of change in Lake County.

"We're excited by the prospect of new digital tools making it easier for residents to connect more deeply with non-profits in the community," Ramos Synnott said.

During the Knight Foundation Match Grant Challenge, all individuals, families and nonprofit organizations holding a fund at Legacy Foundation were encouraged to promote their good works on the Foundation's Donor Engagement Platform.

"Legacy's Donor Engagement Platform is, hands down, the easiest fundraising tool I've ever used for harnessing the donor potential of my personal network," said John Vinzant, president of Miller Community Fund, Inc. "I was really pleased at how seamlessly Legacy handled both the donor and remittance process."

Of the organizations that participated, Chorus Angelorum raised the most dollars for its fund. The participating funds support education, community development, health, and other causes throughout Lake County.

Participating Fund Holders

  • Cara M. Spicer Special Scholarship Fund
  • Hammond Education Foundation Endowment Fund
  • Lisa Austgen Education Fund
  • Miller Community Endowment Fund
  • Highland Community Foundation Endowment Fund
  • Meals on Wheels Endowment Fund
  • St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Fund
  • Legacy Foundation Endowment Fund (LCCF)
  • Chorus Angelorum Endowment Fund
  • Womenade Fund
  • Boys and Girls Club Endowment Fund

Legacy Foundation is supported by the Knight Community Foundations Program in its efforts to invest in spaces, both physical and virtual, that allow people to join efforts and participate in changing their communities. Through the Foundation's partnerships with national funders, Legacy is able to increase its investment in services for our Lake County community.