Legacy Foundation Selects Hobart and Gary for Neighborhood Spotlight Program: Lake County’s Community Foundation Announces Two Communities to Receive Multi-Year Funding and Support

Legacy Foundation, Lake County’s community foundation, announces Hobart-West Side and Gary-Miller as the two communities selected for the Neighborhood Spotlight grant program at a press conference on Friday, October 31 at Ivy Tech Community College.

Each will receive comprehensive technical assistance and up to $50,000 in 2015 to cover both the cost of a community builder and to provide support for early projects that arise from the collective planning.

“As we have encouraged our neighborhoods to build their collaborations, Legacy is also building its own coalition of funders who will join with us in this transformational project,” said Carolyn Saxton, president and CEO of Legacy Foundation.

People’s Bank has joined Legacy Foundation as a leading sponsor of Neighborhood Spotlight. NIPSCO, Centier Bank, and Wintrust Bank are also sponsors of the program.

Over the next two years, the Indiana Association for Community Economic Development will work alongside the Hobart and Gary neighborhoods to help them build relationships, decide collectively on a vision and strategy for impact, and act to implement that strategy.

"IACED's goal is to help local leaders and residents build and revitalize communities across the state," said Andy Fraizer, IACED executive director. "We are excited to work with our partners in Lake County including the Legacy Foundation to invest in comprehensive community development strategy."

Legacy Foundation partnered with IACED to provide a series of initial trainings for neighborhoods that expressed interest. Organizations, individuals and government leaders from 16 neighborhoods throughout Lake County engaged in the training sessions to learn about the collective impact model and form partnerships within their communities.

“It is so exciting and refreshing, that all of these organizations have embraced the fact, that if we are going to make a difference in Northwest Indiana, we are going to need the courage to actually do things differently,” said Robert Johnson, vice-chair of Legacy Foundation and chair of the Neighborhood Spotlight Taskforce.

The deadline for Neighborhood Spotlight applicants to submit a proposal was September 1, 2014. Legacy received proposals from six neighborhoods: East Chicago, Gary-Horace Mann/Downtown, Gary-Miller, Highland and Hobart.

“Congratulations to each of the six neighborhoods for your strong applications and willingness to work collectively,” said Saxton.