Neighborhood Spotlight

Legacy Foundation works to positively transform Lake County, neighborhood by neighborhood. Help support the Neighborhood Spotlight communities of Gary-Emerson, Gary-Miller, Griffith, and North West Hobart. If you are interested in becoming involved in Neighborhood Spotlight, please contact Kelly Anoe at

About Neighborhood Spotlight

Neighborhood Spotlight is a new placed-based initiative for reinvesting in Lake County communities. After decades of significant economic decline, many neighborhoods throughout this region are struggling to thrive and sustain their vibrancy. Pockets of hope exist. The Legacy Foundation will be shining a Neighborhood Spotlight on these areas of opportunity.

Are you an engaged citizen or community leader ready to lead your neighborhood through positive transformation? Is your community already organized around a project concept, major investment, or local need? Would your neighborhood like to see something happen but are not sure how to begin? Or has your community experienced some success and wants to go to the next level?

If yes, Neighborhood Spotlight may be the community development solution. Neighborhood Spotlight provides a framework for capacity-building, planning and implementation block by block. It is modeled after successful community development work in Indianapolis and Chicago.

Neighborhood Spotlight guides a cross-section of community members work collaboratively and collectively on improving quality of life. A convening organization, usually a community-based organization, will spearhead the coordination of neighborhood relationships. With support from Legacy Foundation staff and consultants, Neighborhood Spotlight communities will organize, decide and act upon projects that can profoundly change their future.


2015 Selected Communities

Each community will receive comprehensive technical assistance from the Indiana Association of Community Economic Development (IACED) and $50,000 in the first year for the cost of a community builder and early action projects.


Convening Organization: FAITH CDC (Families Anchored in Total Harmony)
Gary Downtown-Emerson Quality of Life Plan



Convening Organization: Griffith YMCA
Griffith Quality of Life Plan


Contact us to find out more about how you can get involved with these two communities.

2014 Selected Communities

Hobart–West Side

Convening Organization: Hobart Family YMCA
Hobart-West Side Quality of Life Plan
The physical assets include 130 acres of conservation land, historic structures and opportunities for the development of new housing. Two industries, CATCO and Indiana Botanic Gardens are located in the city and employ over 100 people. Hobart has had proven success with civic collaboration including creation of the Hobart Marsh Plan and with DNR and the National Park Service.

Gary-Miller Neighborhood

Convening Organization: Miller Beach Arts and Creative District
Gary-Miller Quality of Life Plan
Gary-Miller’s proximity to the lakefront is a notable asset as is the renovation of its Marquette Park and the historic Pavilion. Several Gary-Miller structures have historical significance with a number of them on the National Register. Collaborative bodies are working in the community and include those focused on civic engagement, professional development, philanthropic resources, and safety concerns.

Notes & Worksheets

Presentation: January 31 & February 5
Neighborhood Spotlight Process
Partner Message at Informational Sessions
Neighborhood Spotlight Factsheet
Formal/Informal Leaders List Template
Neighborhood Spotlight Introduction by Robert Johnson, January 31 and February 5
Neighborhood Spotlight Training 1 Handouts: February 28, 2014
Community Q&A Conference Call Conversation Notes: April 4, 2014
Grant Process Training 2: Contracting: Strategy, Agreement, and Commitment
Rollout Prezi Presentation
Engagement & Visioning PPT
Neighborhood Spotlight Training 1 Handouts
Contracting: Strategy, Agreement and Commitment PPT
Neighborhood Spotlight Training 2 Handouts



December 20: Kick-Off Press Conference


January 21: Neighborhood Spotlight Editorial, The Times
April 27: Legacy Foundation, Gary partner in resource project, The Times