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As one of Indiana’s largest community foundations, Legacy Foundation works for Lake County in multiple ways, playing multiple roles. For donors, the Foundation offers an effective way to manage giving by providing expert philanthropic advice rooted in a deep knowledge of our community and an array of philanthropic vehicles and services. For the community, the Foundation serves as a grant-maker, a civic leader, and awards grants to the region’s non-profits to help meet community needs, fulfill donors’ philanthropic wishes, and strengthen the nonprofit sector. Using local knowledge, networks, influence, and creativity, the Foundation brings people together to improve the community’s quality of life now and in the future.

Yearly Grant Cycle

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Youth in Philanthropy Service Grants

Transform Lake County (TLC)

Informed and Engaged Urban Communities

Thriving Hobart Seniors Grant

Event Sponsorships

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Communicating Your Grant

Grant Program Policies and Guidelines

Legacy Foundation Grant Program Guidelines

Eligibility and Evaluation of Proposals

Solicitation and Conflict of Interest

Non-Discrimination Policy

Grant Implementation

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