Establish a Fund

“I am passionate about education, and my family’s scholarship fund at Legacy Foundation ensures Lake County students attending law school have the financial support they need to focus on studying.”

Janet Moran,
Owner, Copywrite Communications LLC

Legacy Foundation offers a range of charitable funds, allowing you to choose the vehicle best suited to you and your philanthropic goals.

Because the community foundation is an independent public charity, all contributions are eligible for an immediate tax deduction, and many contributions may qualify for a larger tax deduction than those to other charitable entities like private foundations.

With all of our funds, we handle the due diligence, issue the checks and provide staff assistance through a wide range of donor services.

Read on to learn about the many fund types we offer. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person or discuss your options via email or phone. To review your giving options, please call 219-736-1880 for a private meeting with our Legacy fund advisor.

Type of Fund How it Works
Donor Advised Fund Make your charitable giving easier by making grants to your favorite nonprofits from one fund.
Committee Advised Fund A small group of like-minded people pool their contributions towards a common charitable purpose.
Scholarship Fund Donor Involved Scholarship Fund
Actively participate in the scholarship process from beginning to end.

Community Foundation Managed Scholarship Fund
Donor creates scholarship criteria, but the community foundation staff oversees the entire scholarship process.
Field of Interest Fund Create a resource to support the causes you care about–such as the arts, education, health and human services or the environment.
Named Endowed Fund Support the communities within Lake County in perpetuity and leave a lasting legacy.
Designated Fund Support your favorite charitable organization in perpetuity or over a set number of years.
Memorial Fund Offers a way for you to turn memorial gifts into a lasting legacy in your loved one's name.
Supporting Organizations Supporting organizations are an option for those with complex philanthropic goals and the desire to create a corporate entity that will perpetuate their philanthropic legacy.