Bus Shelter Art Design Contest

Call for Artists and Graphic Designers

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Gary Public Transportation Corporation (GPTC) and the Legacy Foundation invite artists and graphic designers to submit their concepts for art panels, seating, solar lighting, functional art, and logo/signage to be included in bus shelters along Gary’s Broadway corridor. The structures will serve both as practical waiting places for public transit riders and as public art for the community as a whole. This is a first of its kind project for the City of Gary and we enthusiastically await artist response.

Questions may be sent by e-mail no later than October 23rd to Kelly Anoe, Legacy Foundation, at kanoe@legacyfdn.org. All proposals must be submitted to kanoe@legacyfdn.org by November 1, 2016, 5:00 pm CST. Proposals submitted after this deadline will not be accepted. A confirmation message will be sent within 2 hours of receiving the submission. Please follow up if the confirmation message is not received, as it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the proposal is successfully transmitted.

Project Background

The Livable Broadway Regional Plan (LBRP)
GPTC commissioned the LBRP to assess opportunities for improving bus service within Gary, Merrillville and Crown Point while enhancing economic development, environment and land use and promoting livability within the corridor. The LBRP is now a guiding document for how the Broadway corridor can and should holistically develop.

Broadway Rapid Bus Service
GPTC's central implementation project from LBRP is rapid service. The Broadway Rapid is scheduled to launch in 2017 using a combination of local and federal funds. Elements (service, road work and infrastructure) are being overseen by local, regional and state agencies.

Livable Broadway Regional Plan + Broadway Rapid
Thru coordination and cooperation, GPTC, its partner communities and other agencies will strive to remain faithful to the vision of the Livable Broadway Regional Plan for the betterment of Gary and Northwest Indiana.

Artistic Integration

GPTC and Legacy Foundation are working together to bring artistic elements to the bus shelters that are being provided through the new Broadway Rapid service. Site design includes signage/logo, art panels, artistic seating elements, functional art, and solar lighting. The purpose of this project is to create a more vibrant, livable city through the fusion of public art, public transit and public spaces. We’re creating opportunities for citizens to connect with their neighborhoods through art while growing public transit. Increased public transit ridership means less traffic congestion and fewer climate changing carbon emissions. Those environmental benefits, combined with a richer streetscape shaped by public art, means higher quality of life for the community. This initiative seeks to engage GPTC passengers and connect people and places along the transit corridors in a meaningful way. This project is meant to enhance the transit experience, create a unique character for frequently used stations, and benefit the community at large.

Neighborhood Themes

Art can be an integral part of a community’s identity. Accordingly there will be equal focus on creative place-making and improving transit service. The artwork selected will incorporate elements reflecting the unique characteristics of the neighborhoods along each route. Artist proposals should incorporate themes that reinforce the identity of each neighborhood along the corridor or reflect the identity of the City of Gary as a whole.

Each bus station’s neighborhood is listed below. Your own research and experience is encouraged. Your artist statement should clearly allow the selection committee to understand how the neighborhood’s identity has influenced your concept. Connection to the neighborhood identity is an important part of the selection criteria. Artists may submit multiple proposals for one or more neighborhoods. An artist may be selected as the winner for more than one bus stop/neighborhood theme.

List of Gary neighborhood themes eligible for murals include:

  • Downtown
  • Midtown (11th-25th)
  • University Park/IUN (35th Avenue to Ridge Road)
  • University Park/Morningside (45th Avenue area)
  • *City of Gary (although not a specific “neighborhood”, murals may represent a theme that represents the City of Gary as a whole. These mural submissions may be selected for any of the bus stops at the discretion of the review panel.)

*All bus stops are along Broadway. Some neighborhoods may be selected to receive more than one mural/art shelter.

Provided is a list of planned transit station locations. This call for artists is limited to stations in neighborhoods in Gary (north of 53rd Avenue)

Design Guidelines

Murals will be printed and installed along the back panel of the bus shelter (see photo below). Mural dimensions will be 8’ x 10’, with 8’ x 16’ dimensions at certain locations. Unless specified in the proposal, selected designs for murals will be re-printed onto materials that will be installed onto the transit facility(ies). If proposals call for relief or attachment or would otherwise be installed in a manner different from the above, this should be specified. Note that murals attached in an alternate manner would have to allow for some visibility through the structure for passenger safety.

Applications for murals can be submitted in one of two ways. Artists can either submit an electronic submission of the actual proposed mural or artists may apply and be selected to create a mural based on previous work. In order to be selected based on previous work, artists must submit 4-10 images of previous public artwork as digital files in a JPEG format. A description of the proposed vision for the mural must be included in the application narrative.

Specially designed seating must fit within an area no larger than 72” long by 36” deep by 48” high and may be either a contiguous bench or a field of chair-like elements. Your design concept should specify whether the seating is intended for installation externally or within a shelter.

Each designated station location will include “totem” style signage identifying the stop and displaying the route logo (the route name will be announced after October 6, 2016). Applications for signage can include:

  • A general design scheme for all stops on the Rapid Bus corridor, or
  • A design scheme for specific stops, reflecting on a theme based on the selected location.

Solar Lighting
Design of solar lighting may be included as part of the artistic element of the bus shelter. Please take into account that all elements must exist in a way that enhances the GPTC passenger experience without compromising the comfort, safety, or usage of the shelter.

Functional Art
Any elements of functional art may be included as part of the shelter design drawing. Functional art may include interactive elements, built in games, etc. Be creative!

Proposal Content Requirements – Check List

For each submission, applicants should e-mail a completed application to include the following:

  • Application Form: Applicants must fill out the application form located at the end of this RFP. Please include the form as page 1 of your proposal.
  • Narrative: The narrative will be a maximum of 2 pages double spaced and include the following information:
    • Artist Statement – a brief description of your proposed concept and how it relates to a neighborhood or city wide identity.
    • Artist Background – What is your connection to the City of Gary? Do you or have you ever lived or worked in Gary? What is your interest in creating artwork for this project.
    • Materials – If seating or lighting is proposed, an explanation of what materials you would use for the fabrication of the seating.
  • Proposal Design of your concept on each bus shelter element, i.e. panel, seating, screen
  • Resume and Minimum of 4 images of previous work (if applying based on previous work/experience)

*Submittal materials will not be returned. Please do not send original artwork.

Selection criteria

Applicants will be selected and paid based on the following criteria:

  • The ability and interest of the artist to incorporate the neighborhood and city identity into the proposed artwork
  • The quality of the concept proposed by the applicant
  • Familiarity and connection to the City of Gary
Selection of artists will be determined by a review panel that will include at a minimum, staff from the City of Gary, GPTC, Legacy Foundation, and neighborhood residents and stakeholders. Applicants regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, or age are eligible for consideration.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Once selected and under contract and upon receipt of final drawings, finalists will be paid $1,000 per site in award money.
  2. GPTC and Legacy Foundation reserve the right to reject any or all proposals, to advertise for new proposals, to negotiate revisions, and to make awards as may be deemed in the best interest of the project.
  3. The review panel reserves the right to reject or remove any artistic design that it deems to be not in the public interest. Items that may be objectionable to a substantial segment of the community should be avoided. For example, artistic design depicting or referring to undesirable social behavior, or which might be offensive because of racial or religious references should be avoided.
  4. The review panel reserves the right to award applicants one or more sites as deemed appropriate by the review panel.

Download the Application Cover Sheet