Lake County Art on Trails Program

NRPCThe Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) and Legacy Foundation have partnered on an initiative to bring public art projects to Lake County, Indiana, trails. The Art on Trails Program (ATP) is a matching grant available to both Lake County governmental and non-profit entities (sponsors). ATP would provide up to $2,000 in dollar-to-dollar matching grants for projects such as murals on buildings or in tunnels along trails, sculptures along the trail, trail banners and artistic interpretive signage, interactive art, etc. These projects would help deter graffiti, and be a source of pride and enjoyment for trail users.

Sponsors and artists are needed to complete these projects. Artist submissions will be reviewed and selected by the Lake County Arts Council. .

Approved trail locations

Eligible project locations are those identified along regionally-designated Lake County, Indiana, trail corridors as determined by NIRPC. These include the Erie-Lackawanna Trail, Pennsy Greenway, Oak Savannah Trail, C&O Greenway, Little Calumet River Levee Trail, Marquette Greenway, Wolf Lake Trail and Monon Trail.

For sponsors

Sponsors can be 501c3 non-profits, government entities, schools, park districts, and churches. To sponsor a public art project, please complete the attached form indicating the location where you would like the art installed, the amount of sponsorship, and artist preference (if any). Sponsors will be invited to participate in the review and selection process with the Lake County Arts Council, to ensure joint approval of selected artwork at the requested location. Sponsorship levels can range from $250-$2,000.

Download Sponsorship Form

For artists

Please complete the application form and include dimensions, materials, amount requested to complete the project (between $500- $4,000), and inspiration for the work. Describe how it relates to the community where the art will be located. Please indicate your preferred trail and location. Attach 2 photos of previous work and a sketch or draft of the proposed artwork. Artists who reside in Lake County, Indiana, will be given preference.



Applications are due June 30, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Artwork will need to be complete by November 1, 2019.